Write the code first.. and improve it later

The problem of many web developers is the search for the perfection in the first Codebase, when the developer have an idea and thinking about build it, he/she make a comparison with the existing projects like the idea that he/she thinking on, to watch the features in action.


And here!, the developer will be at a loss, and his/her mind will be overthinking about a lot of functionalities that he/she seen on the comparison use cases.

The Questions and Observations

Here it asks questions and observations like:

  • If I can build something like this app or no?,
  • It’s really great app..!,
  • The lead developer of this app is really good,
  • How much time this app built in?,
  • If I have the enough skills to develop something like that?,
  • Maybe I must think on some other idea.. this idea is already built with great way.

My Advice About The Previous Paragraph

Let me told you my advice, if you’ve been or will be in such situation. From my humble experience of course.

Start to build: If you think in an idea start making it even if it already exist, if you built something better than existing that’s will be great, if not, you will been learnt a lot of experiences and skills.

Existing use cases: it wasn’t through this beauty and perfection when the start.. it started with the basics functionality and simple design.

Write the base code first: the base functionality is very important, write it and make it do the work, and don’t search for the perfection and deep functions, after that you will have the time to add some features from while to while.

Remember the teamwork: The overwhelming majority of online projects isn’t built based on one man team, there is a key word “TEAMWORK”, and if you found a project started with one man, be sure it wasn’t with that beauty, it cost a lot of developers and Management team to arrive to this current results after.

Hope I transmitted to you some of my ideas about this subject, to make you try to build things, even if is small..

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