Netlify first contact!

Net Aps 1024x368

As a web developer, I heard about this platform long time ago.. but I did not use it or try it. This came from the principle that I always use, that said “you shouldn’t get in touch with all technologies and tools around the web”.

So I didn’t try this platform or working using it until today, and to be honest I totally liked it.

I used it it to deploy a simple landing page made by HTML/CSS and jQuery.. you have the possibility to deploy your app or website with the simplest and speedy way you can..

Inside the tool you have the opportunity to:

  • link your own domain name with your app or website,
  • You can update your app/website files anytime and Netlify will generate the production versions of each one of them,
  • You can link your account with Github and start working with version control in your Netlify apps. And much more..

So I just gives you those first use experience maybe you can try it yourself.

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