I win even if nobody read what I write.

This amazing article: 35 Principles for 35 Years inspired me to write this blog post.

I write and I read In Arabic and English in both fields Tech and general topics. *I’m not a professional writer*

Especially I write in my personal blog about web and software development, using English.

If you ask me did you win something physical, as money, newsletter readers, lot of visitors?.. I will directly answer with “NO”.

So what I mean when I say I win even if nobody reads me?

  • Build Sharing Culture: What we learn, what we know, what we master, what we think about, our experiences, all of those things mean nothing if we guard it just for ourselves, the taste is on the sharing what we know, and writing give us this ability.
  • Deeply Understanding: When I write programming blog posts in particular this help me to deeply understand my code and the whole concept, and the same for general topics, so writing gives me more understanding.
  • Giving Without Expecting things in return: When I write Tech post or informative reply in stack overflow for example or any Web Dev platform I’m not expecting to be correct also not expecting to get something in return. This is droppable on all general writings when I write on something. Writing teach us to “Do Not Expect something in return when you do good actions”.
  • Improving my English/Arabic: Writing gives me the opportunities to write a lot with English language, I fixed a lot of mistake in it, I developed my English writing and thinking style that helped me and still to Improve my English and Programming skills, the same in Arabic style of writing and thinking.. Arabic isn’t an easy language, when you write a lot you will understand that and you will definitively yo will win. “Even if nobody reads you :D”.
  • Encouragement to reads for others: Trust me, when you start writing you will look for reading for others in your fields and other fields also regardless of their level of writing or yours.
  • Ability to convert any note or ideas to many explained paraphrases: When you have the writing behavior in your mind you can explain any idea that you’re already understand it or master using blog posts.

So, I win even if nobody read what I write. Isn’t Right?

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