Are you really need to use one of Front-End frameworks in your Web Apps?

Because frameworks have been got a big space from the web development, I’m one of those who attracted to use them in both side projects and full time job.. But I had always this question, is really I need to use framework (Front-end & Back-end ones)?

I’ll try to give my answer on that question, of course from on my own view;

To be clear from the start, the answer is NO for me.

But also its “depends” on the complexity of the project and if it large or small that give us an imagination of what we can do next if this project has been successing, and the time that you have for doing this work.

Simple Use Case (Necessity to use):

Let’s suppose that you are working on project that should have many users “admins” and “subscribers” and both they have doing many operations on that site or platform.. Here you must use frameworks (Back & Front) to reduce time of request and response and make users feel comfortable when they working on it, and use compenents to make maintenance easier, and to make adding new compenents easier and simple too.

Simple Use Case (Unnecessity to use):

Let’s suppose that we have to do an UI consist of a landing page for app product, here if I asked you why should use a front-end framework? what will be your answer?.. For me Simply HTML/CSS/JS can do the work and increase the load time much better that using framework.

Choose Web Frameworks To Solve Complex Problems Not For Creating Another Problems.

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